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Prince Polo of the Wild Frontier.   3 comments


My pup always amazes me and I feel grateful for his company.

He always shares his walks with me and it’s the time that I really get to connect with the beautiful things in life.

In the morning it’s the squirrels picking through the left over bird seed.

Or it could be the tracks and scent of the black cat that lives in the shadows of our neighborhood that he follows tirelessly.

Perhaps it’s the fact that he always finds something to proudly bring home; an empty energy drink can, or a dropped notice at the mailbox, even an empty plastic bag covered in dried grass clippings.

In the evening it’s the setting sun and the sky filled with swallows and bats flitting though the air searching endlessly for insects.

At the end of the day in the early morning hours there is always the moon and the stars and the lights that glide effortlessly through the sky towards somewhere unnamed.

I think what I like best though is the look on his face when he finally subdues a cricket or any of the other strange bugs that he likes to toy with and snack on.

Thanks Prince Polo this post is for you.


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500 feet AGL   Leave a comment

Dear BJ,

I saw a pair of Sea Hawks flying North along the Grand Strand on my walk yesterday.

Sea Hawk

I heard them first because we were all going the same way.

They approached with a deep roar that always catches my attention.

When I turned to look they were passing the Garden City pier about 200 yards offshore.

Garden City, SC

Garden City, SC (Photo credit: Randy’s World (Kinda))

I saluted their perfect formation as they passed me about 20 feet apart with the nearest one trailing about 10 feet.

Majestic and proud just like the crew that flew them I am always in awe of the airmen that protect our country.

Especially the warriors in the Navy that always do more with less.

They were a dusky grey color that blended in with the clouds in the sky yesterday.

I kept my eye on them until they disappeared into the distant grey horizon, but I could still hear the powerful wop of the rotor blades and a trail of smoke.

Thanks ya’ll.  You make me proud.

Yours Sincerely


P.S.  SH-60,  Photo credit:

P.P.S.  New header for my new friend:  She Whose Name Shall Be a Blog

An HH-60H deploying a SAR swimmer

An HH-60H deploying a SAR swimmer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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