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Iwo Jima   13 comments

Dear BJ,

Joe Rosenthal’s iconic image of United States Marines raising America’s standard above Mount Suribachi came to me as inspiration for this weeks Trifextra: Week Eighty  Four writing challenge.  This weekend we’re asking for 30 of your own words plus the three following words for a total of 33 words  (Tether, Loft, Crown.)

As the debate for action reverberates through our country and the around world I think often of those called to duty.  Please remember their sacrifice as we decide on how to respond.

Yours Sincerely,


P.S.  Headrer photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

P.P.S.  Trifecta

Heroism illustrated indelibly

by an artist’s sage eye

captured  superlatively

 in a moment’s beam of light

Old Glory furled loft on short tether

make shift pole thrust proudly into volcano’s crown

Semper fidelis

Iwo Jima flag

Iwo Jima flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Been There Done That   2 comments

Dear BJ,

This prompt was made for me.

I’ve been there, done that and worn out the T-shirts. I am settled down now and have started this blog to pay homage to my Aunt who I sent post cards to over the years.  I welcome you all back as I recount those times and add the simple pleasures I experience around here.

I do remember telling my father in law Gunnar, “Hvar sem hann lagði höfuð hans var heimili hans.”   That is translated into Icelandic by Google from Norman Whitfeld’s and Barrett Strong’s hit song performed by the Temptations, “Papa was a Rolling Stone.”   Something like, “Wherever he laid his hat was his home.”

I think I’ll hang my hat on the beach chair and watch the Grand Strand for a while and let the other Nomads chase the moss.

English: Chris Benham's Tyrolean Hat

English: Chris Benham’s Tyrolean Hat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


P.S.  This is in response to the Word Press Daily prompt: Rolling Stone.

P.P.S.  Big thanks to Zemanta and Chris Benham for a perfectly pinned Tyrolen hat.

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Tribute to K Sanford   Leave a comment


Dear BJ.

I started work on a remembrance profile for K last night.  I used a great historical site, Together We Served United States Army  to begin the process.  I became familiar with the site a little over three years ago when I posted my military history.  I am thankful for the scrapbook you kept for years and years.

What a powerful story is bound between the covers.  A varsity letter W from for racing from his time studying at Wyoming Seminary.  Newspaper clippings from his enlistment, embarkation and train travel across France.  Telegrams, letters and citations from the Department of the Army and colleagues.  Poems, songs and reflections on the loss of loved ones.  Most powerful though are the pictures of K and Sgt Brooks and the American cemetery at Bellau, Asine, France taken by W. L. Dix during his visit in 1927.




Perhaps the most emotional memory in the scrapbook was the citation for the Distinguished Service Cross.  The battle of the Marne and Bellau

Wood echo in my in my mind.  I wasn’t aware that K had received this honer for his sacrifice during that epic struggle.  I still remember seeing the green wool uniform hanging in the spare bedroom closet those many years ago.

I wonder now was it just my father’s service that led me to join the Air Force, or was it this very scrapbook, the uniform or a story I heard on the porch of the carriage house at 67 Church.  I do know that I am proud of K’s courage and sacrifice and it is real when the tears come to my eye as I read the clippings and look at the pictures of our brave young relative.

Your Nephew,


P.S. Here is a link to to the TWS site.

Army Distinguished Service Cross

Army Distinguished Service Cross (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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