Yep that’s it, Trifecta: Week Eighty-Six.   12 comments

Dear BJ

Here is another entry for the Trifecta Writing Challenge.  Week Eighty Six .  The rules are clear and the writing a challenge.   33-333 words on the third definition of CRACK from the Merriam Websters Online Dictionary.   I hope you enjoy.

Your Nephew,



I wasn’t really sure at first and that really bugged me.  You know how something gets in your head, worms it’s way inside and runs until that’s all you can think about. That’s what happened to me.  I first suspected it almost a year ago, then my shift changed.  Because of the shift change there was no need to explore it and I didn’t think about it until about two months ago.  I went back on the noon to midnight shift and the same thing again.  No, I said to myself it can’t be and I will prove it. It happened again though.  There was no clear explanation.  Nothing made sense, nothing added up.  I figured it out last night though.  Yep, that’s it I thought to myself when it happened again.  You’ll never guess.  There is a crack in time that I get lost in.  It happens between 0015 and 0018 hours in the morning.  I checked, I wrote it in a notebook, I kept track of it.  I leave Conway where I work at midnight and if the lights are right I pass through Red Hill and University on my way to Socastee and I will skip through to Big Block junction.  The same thing happens every time.  It’s like I blink and I’m at the light by Putter’s Pub. What scares the hell out of me is the high rise bridge over the inter coastal waterway in Socastee.  It’s a four lane bridge with a two yard median and no extra room on the side to pull over. You have to pay attention even during the daytime because it’s tight. I can never remember going over it coming home from work.  Now that I know what’s happening, I will figure out how it works. That’s the real trick, to figure out magic reason that time opens up for a few minutes and simply slips away.

South Carolina Highway 544 going over the Intr...

South Carolina Highway 544 going over the Intracoastal Waterway in Socastee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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12 responses to “Yep that’s it, Trifecta: Week Eighty-Six.

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  1. The wee hours of the morning seem to hold such mystery but you’ve upped it with your intriguing, psychological tale. Is it aliens? Is it a psychiatric break? Is it daydreaming? You’ve given us so many options. I really enjoy your writing style. You capture my imagination immediately :)))

  2. gripping and scary … at the same time !

  3. I swear I have a track in my head where thoughts run around constantly. It’s open 24/7 and they run…24/7. I’d love to read more of this. Thanks for linking up! ~Mary Beth

  4. This was so intriguing, Balvah. It works beautifully as a stand alone piece, but I have to tell you, if this was the first paragraph of a novel? Hooked! I’d be diving right in. What a set-up!

  5. Very cool. I have nights when I barely register I’m driving home from work…Maybe that’s something like that.

  6. That sure is a grabber! I am enjoying everything you are doing here with your postcards to B J. I know she would be enthralled!

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