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Dear BJ,

I present this account for Trifecta’s Week:Eighty Four writing challenge.  Just like the last challenge my first attempt wasn’t quite what I wanted.  For this one we had to use the third definition of the word CRUDE from the Merriam Webster’s on-line dictionary.  My first story didn’t fit that quite as well so I decided to have a beer with an old friend.  Submission follows the jukebox.

Yours Truly


P.S.  Here is the jukebox photo credit. 

P.P.S. Trifecta.



You could hear the music thumping from two blocks away and the red neon y of the bar’s sign was flickering in time to old reliable southern rock and roll.  I felt a great and familiar Friday night vibe in the club.  The work week was over, everyone’s pockets were lined with money and there was still hope.  Of course it was still early.   I told Jim, “Hey look  Jolene is behind the bar.”  Apparently everyone else wanted to look at Jolene in her florescent green tank top and cut of blue jean shorts, because there wasn’t an inch of space at the bar.

I started eyeing Jolene myself trying to catch her attention so we could get a drink.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jim pull out his money clip and ease towards the jukebox. Suddenly there was a silence in the bar as the juke box died.  I thought what in the hell is he doing. Suddenly the Starship’s,  “We Built this City on Rock and Roll”  caterwauled from the speakers and pierced my ear drums.  Jim looked over at me and gave me the old John Belushi eye brow wiggle and I chuckled to myself.

John Belushi

John Belushi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We tapped bottles and had a shot as the Starship song ranked #1 in “Run for Your Life! It’s the 50 Worst Songs Ever!” in Blender Magazine started playing again.  I looked over at Jim and said “Dude, your’e rude, crude and socially unacceptable.”    Laughingly he said “Yeah, you’re right and that’s why you drink with me.”

The third time “We Built this City” started playing we magically found a place at the bar and Jim even copped a bar stool.  He was chatting up a cute blond to his right when Chris, the owner showed up and said, “I know what you guys did and I swear if you ever pull that crap in here again I’ll kick you out.”  We both laughed and started singing the refrain along with the Starship.


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13 responses to “Friday Night at The Why Not

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  1. sounds like good times back in the old days.

  2. good times back in the day?

  3. That song playing over and over would drive almost anyone nuts! Sounds like fun, though 🙂

  4. Clear the bar by being annoying? I’m surprised some other guys didn’t defend the jukebox with their fists when Starship was selected for the second time. Btw, I loved Blender magazine when it first came out. Awesome music mag., for sure.

    Cobbie's World
    zomg I hate you now hahaha 😀 Just kidding. This is good.

  6. Fun story. Reminds me of a few nights out with friends. Great entry.

  7. I wasstomi]\ping and dancing along with everyone else. Some sonmgs just make you HAVE to move

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