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Dear BJ,

I thought I would pass on some gems from from the dispatch floor.  I can’t even imagine how many 911 calls I have taken over the 11 plus years I have worked for Horry county as a dispatcher.  I can tell you that you never know what is waiting on the end of the line.  Of course not all the action happens on the phone, we have to be in tune with the rest of the call center.  I liken it to the original movie MASH, with the zingers coming out of the air on the PA system.  Never a dull moment.

Me “Hey Nick,” I yelled across the room.

Nick “What do you need Bill?’ he replied.

Me “What’s for lunch?”

Nick “I don’t know, who’s day is it?’

Me “I think it’s Nancy’s.”

Nick “I’m thinking Skip’s, I want a blue cheese burger.”

Me “Oh, I was thinking of the Pully Bones, they deliver.”

911 line rings.

Me “911 what’s your emergency.”

Him “Anthrax, you got to tell em, you know Stone fish.”

Me “Where are you sir?”

Him “I’m telling you it’s Stone fish man.”

Me “Do you need police, fire, or EMS?”

Him “Your not listening man.”

Me “What’s your name.”

Him “You’ve got to tell them  that Stone fish is the only antidote to Anthrax.”

Me “Tell who.”

Him “Man aren’t you listening to me Stone fish is the only way to cure them.”

Nick “Pully Bones it is, what are you having?”

Me With the mouthpiece covered, “Who’s got the list?”

Me “Sir, I am trying to help you. You have to tell me where you are?”

Him “I am at the pier, that doesn’t matter though, you are not listening.  Stone fish is the cure.”

Nick “Sue has the list, she is calling it in.  What do you want?’

Me “Stewed beef, collard greens, macaroni and cheese and unsweetened tea.”

Me “Are they running sir?”

Him “Are what running, have you been listening to me?”  “You have to tell them now!” ” Stone fish!” ” Now I tell you.”

Me “Are the Stone fish running, you know have you caught any?”

Him “I’m not fishing man, it’s just that Stone fish is the only known cure for Anthrax and they have to know that.”

Me  “I want to help you man, what pier are you on.”

Him “I’m at the 2nd Ave pier.”

Me  “2nd Ave in Myrtle Beach.”

Him “Yes in Myrtle Beach.”

Nick in the background “Hey the Stone fish are running at the 2nd Ave pier in Myrtle Beach.”

Me “Sir, hold on for Myrtle Beach police and fire.”

MB “Myrtle Beach 911, where is your emergency?”

Me “Myrtle Beach this is County, 10-96, he’s at the 2nd Ave pier.”tinkernoonoo_tinfoil_hat

MB “What is your emergency sir?”


Nick “What the hell is a Stone fish Bill?” “Can you eat them?”

Me “I’m not sure Nick, he was saying they are only the cure for Anthrax.”  Why don’y you Google it.” “Where is lunch, I’m hungry?”

So you see BJ you never know what you are going to hear hear at 911.  There is a priority system though, 911 first, location second and lunch or dinner ranks right up there.

More Later,


P.S. 10-96 in our approved 10 code system is reserved for the mentally challenged folk that have the answers for the unasked questions.

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  1. multi-tasking to another level! you guys rock. 🙂

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